Love and Peace Within and Without


Young people of all colors are truly upset about where we are as a nation. They are upset about inequality, injustice, our politics of lies, a wider gap between the have and have not’s, killings in schools, the coronavirus and its necessary shut down, no money, and so much more.  We are not helpless.  

Remember that each and every one of us began as “a thought from God.” We are designed differently, but each of us has a cell of God within.  That cell within is connected to an invisible cord and that is connected to our divine source. The soul and the cell enter with our very first breath. When we pay attention, we might feel that cord tug right below our belly button when we are about to make a decision that is wrong for us.  This feeling is “when we know in our gut” to not do something.  Do we listen and pay attention or do we override that tug and do what we want to do or what a friend is trying to convince us to do?  I have not listened at times and suffered the consequences later.  

What can we do to help?  We, ourselves, can stop stereotyping people.   We can train ourselves to see beyond the outer shell and look within instead. As we become used to seeing deeper, we will begin seeing the goodness within and that person’s light of God within. By doing so, we pay it forward.  This is an opportunity to practice love, practice listening, practice being kind, and practice being gentler with our words and actions. As we practice, we will find ourselves using more positive words as we speak, words of encouragement and understanding, words that bring forth our goodness and theirs, too. We will have more love and peace in our own life, plus we will automatically be an example of hope. 

John and I have a motto.  “To Love Is To Love All.”  

3 thoughts on “Love and Peace Within and Without”

  1. Dawn Chernicky says:

    Thanks for your message of love, sister.

  2. Judy says:

    Susanne, I love you and John. With your motto I understand even more your kindness and blessed spirit. Our divine source has a plan for each of us. Thank you for your message. I’m looking forward to more.

  3. Dawn T Agnew says:

    Lovely momma! I heard someone say today that it starts inside us all and then needs to move to our community and locally. YOU are a shining example of love starting in us all.

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