When Spirit Speaks by Susanne Blake

When Spirit Speaks

After receiving an unexpected letter about how much a reader’s life was touched by When Spirit Speaks, I decided to offer it here for free. I hope it will help even more readers than it has reached in the last twenty-three years. Please feel free to download and share it.

Every letter I receive about When Spirit Speaks surprises and delights me because the book hasn’t been available in a bookstore for years! Now my books are just waiting to be passed out at my funeral. (That’s a joke.)

If you want a paperback version, simply email me. The cost is $20 plus $5 for shipping and handling. I will happily autograph a copy and send it to you.

I still thank God, the Author of my life, for this wonderful experience that brought so many answers. When Spirit Speaks covers four facets of my journey: Hearing and surrendering to God’s answers; recovering from and healing the past to improve the present and the future; developing a healthy, intimate relationship with a partner; and receiving teachings and unexpected gifts on the Native American path God opened for me.  


Susanne Blake