Best First Date Ever

It was Sunday, July 2nd, when I walked up and knocked on John’s door, returned to Norman, saw the movie “Field of Dreams,” and talked until four in the morning. We moved from one restaurant to a second one when we became embarrassed about being in the first restaurant for so long. We both knew that it was not a date. It was a time of learning about each other and my answer about Sun Dance and many other answers about his life and my life.

Wednesday evening, John telephoned, asking if I would like to meet him at Purcell’s Braum’s for ice cream and a “short” visit. That destination was about halfway between Norman and Pauls Valley. My answer was, “yes, I would love to do that.” My favorite treat is a chocolate sundae. We laughed and had more fun.

Friday came along. I received a phone call from Shaklee Corporation confirming my reservation for a major free trip to Hawaii. I knew the person calling, and she said, “Susanne, it is a shame that you are not married and do not have children under 18. You earned enough to take six people on this trip.” We both knew the rules about their trips. Deciding to step forward with a request, I thought for a minute before asking one big question. I knew that this trip might confirm my thinking about John Blake and me! The first time I met him three years earlier, we discussed God while dancing. We did not get to finish our discussion.

I noted there was something extraordinary about our discussion! I also knew that nothing could come of our meeting because I had recently filed for divorce, but was waiting for a date to go before a Judge. He was married! I thought, “Now we are both single. I felt a nudge inside to go ahead and ask my question. They could only say no. It does not hurt to request this and see what the result is.”

So I said to the scheduler telephoning me, “Diana, I have met someone significant to me. I have won fantastic trips to Austria, Sweden, Belgium, and more. I have always had to go by myself even though my production has been enough to take others. Do you think they might allow me to take someone I care a great deal about on this trip?” There was silence on the other end of the phone because the rule was that no one could go but a spouse and children under 18, but then she said, “Let me check with others above me. I will be getting back to you quickly because we have to make all reservations by 5 o’clock today. Please do not get your hopes up, but I am going to check. We both know that they have never allowed this to happen before.” I replied, “Thank you, I will be waiting for your call. I truly appreciate your help.”

About 3:30, Diana telephoned. She sounded so excited as she said, “Susanne, guess what! They looked at your records and said, “yes, you can take him.” Now you have to hurry because I have to telephone with all of the results for plane reservations by 5 o’clock today.” After telling her that I would call her back as quickly as possible, I telephoned John.

Jean, his secretary, answered, and I asked for John. Thank goodness he was available to talk! The conversation went like this: John answered: Good afternoon. I was not expecting this call. What can I do for you?” Me: “Well, you might be surprised by what I am going to ask. Can you talk for a few minutes?” John: “Certainly, what is it?” Me: “I have earned an all-expense, paid trip to Hawaii with my nutrition business. I asked permission today to take you. They broke their own rule when they said that you would be welcome to come with me. So how would you like to go to Hawaii with me for ten days in August with every single thing paid for?” John: “This is a surprise. I will think about this and see what I can do.” Me: “Okay, I will be quiet while you think about this.” John: “You mean that you are not hanging up?” Me: “No, you see, I have to telephone them back as soon as I hang up so that they can add your name to all reservations, including the acquisition of airline tickets. It is now after four. They have to complete their list and add you to my reservation before 5 o’clock today. So I will be right here waiting for your answer while you can think.” Only a short time went by before John said, “Yes, I’d love to do this.” To this day, John loves to tell the story about how I asked him for a date to Hawaii before we ever had a real date here.

The trip in August to Hawaii brought more answers! We had a grand time. Beautiful hotel, wonderful food, multiple tours, some educational meetings about nutritional products, and time for the beach and fun. Being around each other twenty-four hours a day for ten days gave us more insight into each other.

LESSON: Stay aware of your feelings and listen for the answer. When Spirit Speaks, Listen! I listened to that nudge to ask to break a rule that had been followed for years by Shaklee Corporation. The door opened. Listening and following intuition does lead to a magical path!

GIFTS: John did telephone the next day. He said, “Susanne, don’t you think we should go on a real date before we go to spend ten days with each other in Hawaii?” Without waiting for a reply, he asked, “Would you like to go to Legend’s for dinner and possibly a movie afterward?” Of course, I was delighted and agreed to do so.

Multiple gifts came during the trip. The first one took place on the airplane. With his reservations being made at the last minute, we did not get to sit together. Once in a while, we stood and visited on the plane. As we exited the plane when it landed, two stewardesses presented us with a champagne bottle to take with us. They said that they had been watching us and just knew we were together and would have a great time. They wanted us to have this as a gift to enjoy.

When I went to one of those educational meetings, he went to the beach and looked for special shells. Once, he had a dove fly down to him and actually sit in his hand. He felt that it was delivering a message about me.

John suggested that we take care of three children of a young couple and on this trip for one afternoon. We overheard them say that they wanted to go someplace, but it would be too difficult for their children to go along. For a man to suggest this with one still in diapers, he deserved a gold star. He said yes and we had fun at the beach, purchased them lunch, and played.

Another gift came through swan feathers. Swans were swimming around a beautiful fountain in front of the hotel. Every time we came back to our room, there were swan feathers wrapped and placed in front of our door.

We also loved the music and dancing following some of our most special dinners. That was our first opportunity to dance in this chapter of life. I was not counting one dance three years ago. Like I said, lots of gifts! Three years ago, to go back and learn about that one dance, look back to the blog entitled “Dancing with Destiny.”

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  1. peggy patton says:

    I had no idea how your relationship transpired. Beautiful story. John was a brave soul! ????❤️

  2. Brenda Agee says:

    God works in mysterious ways beautiful story ????????????

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