Autumn, A Time to Let Go

It is beautiful outside! I stepped out and felt a slight chill in the air. Standing on my front porch, I observe the tall old sugar plum tree next door as it stands so erect, strong, and perfectly balanced. Every year it turns the most spectacular orange. I sat down on our front porch to enjoy this chilly morning. As I studied the tree, I saw a few leaves falling to the ground. This is a time to let go! At that moment, I knew I wanted to write a present-day blog, taking a break from my past life and write about this time of the year, sharing thoughts that traveled through my mind as I watched this tree that was turning and letting go!

It was during the first week in October that the doctor told my first husband that he would not live until Christmas, and we need not return to M.D. Anderson. One minute later, my aunt telephoned from New Mexico, sharing the news with us that our house burned. That phone call brought me a great and immediate understanding of what is important in life. It is not “a house or stuff.” What is important is “relationship.” He died at midnight on the last day of November. For myself and my children, this was a “forced” letting go. He stepped beyond the veil that keeps us from seeing what is happening in Heaven. It is also the time of year when I filed for divorce after living through a five-year bad marriage. This was “a letting go by choice.” We all have those big lettings go as well as the small letting go’s in life! Following the second husband exiting when I filed for divorce, I worked hard in my business. No matter how hard I worked, I could not make ends meet. The house payment was big. Logically, that should not have made any difference. He brought in no money anyway.

Time went by, and I had to sell furniture, let go of the house by luckily selling it for $100 more than I owed on it, and moving into an apartment. The “letting go” lightened me, and I felt better and better. My awareness was heightened about my thoughts and words. I was still looking at what beliefs were given to me by others and what ones were mine? I also found myself wanting to go in new directions regarding where I wanted to spend my time. I read different books than I read in my past and wanted to experience different ways to understand myself. Again, I had a beautiful tree outside my apartment that I watched change with the seasons. It helped me know I was going to continue to improve. I loved my apartment. In fact, after I married John, I kept my apartment for another year. On our first anniversary, he asked if I thought I could release it. I agreed. We had a great day giving to others living in the complex the final good furniture I retained from my home when moving into the apartment. We said goodbye to my tree. While living there for six years, it kept reminding me how I had to lose my life to regain it. That is in the Bible. Also, when we do lose our life to regain it, we will become known. Isn’t that interesting?

A tree must lose its leaves to return to us “like new” in the future. It is resilient! I watch trees remind me about our own regenerations, which also takes place within myself and others. The oak trees drop acorns that the deer and pigs love to eat. Maple trees produce wonderful maple syrup. One is not to tap maple trees while they drop their leaves, for it is during the winter that the maple tree’s sap is the sweetest. I watch the trees regenerate. We can take this time of “leaves falling” to begin our own regeneration. For many years during October and November, I presented a favorite seminar! It had multiple results. When one walked out the door, they knew their priorities and what they valued in life. A new life was designed. All of this happened in six hours plus lunch.

I presented it to multiple other places. However, when I began doing seminars at my home, I enjoyed it the most. I watched as miracles came out of that seminar. People telephoned me from Texas, Kansas, Ohio, and even some of those attending in my home wanted me to do it again the following year. It brings about major changes that we, too, can do during this covid-19 time. It is a perfect time to “look within” and decide “what do we need to let go?” Begin with a closet or drawers and be aware of all it might be good to release. What thoughts or behavior might it be good to change? Are you doing negative thinking about yourself? Think. It is also time to set new goals for next year, so they have time to regenerate. Maybe I will do this seminar again in the future here at my house!

LESSON: Faith is the bird that sings while the dawn is still dark. So when we see the clouds come rolling into our lives, as they will, try to look beyond the clouds with hope for the good things on the other side. Keep your faith! Balance by praying and/or meditating for at least ten minutes in the morning. Take steps to listen within and learn about YOU, how you are connected to your divine source, and what your soul wants. Open and Receive.

GIFTS: Peace Within even with so much discord among people on the outside.

When unbalanced, I had two crashes with car totaled and many, many tickets when traveling. I began balancing every am. I have had no more wrecks and no tickets. When we are balanced, we do not draw those to us. Sit down and balance for at least ten minutes every morning before you get to work.

Life is full of possibilities that one does not see until one awakens!

5 thoughts on “Autumn, A Time to Let Go”

  1. Ella Jo Stewart says:

    You are such an inspiration
    Love you my friend.

  2. Linda Speer says:

    Love this time of year, when the leaves let go of their leaves and their roots grow deeper into Mother Earth!!! It truly is a time of reflection for me and going inward to look at myself and let go of those things that no longer serve me as I draw closer to Creator/ God…I Love You, Susanne and I am Grateful that Our Paths Crossed!!! God Knows who we are suppose to meet before we were ever born!!! John and You were two of my people on a path set to cross, cause our steps that we make are all numbered by the Almighty!!! Thank You for All the times we shared and the lessons learned!!!
    Love and Hugs,
    Linda Speer

  3. Vicki Rennie says:

    Read this on Election Day before getting ready for work. Great article

  4. Teresa Begley says:

    I love the analogy of trees “letting go of their leaves” In preparation for renewal and us letting go of grief, pain, or unhealthy/unhappy moments.
    When we let go, we make room for new growth.
    Healthy lessons to learn.

  5. Carolyn says:

    It’s Sunday morning! Your words are inspiring and comforting . It feels as if I were sitting with you on the porch. You are and always have been important to me! Just thought I’d let you know, I love you! Carolyn

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