Beginning This Blog

Beginning this blog reminded me of the way energy works.  When something is going to be really good for us, we sometimes have to go through the negative to get to the positive.  If we are aware of that, we know to watch for signs of the positive that eventually will be presented in our lives.  The result and the gains we made during a negative time does come.  

For years I have thought about “writing a blog.”  Others asked me to do so.  They liked the book I wrote and then the second one I wrote… but they wanted more. I generally said, “I’ll think about it.”  This went on for nine years.  I would sit down, try to begin, and stop.  I even took a blogging class.   I finally was given a big shove during this spring when the Coronavirus-19 came to the world and we were told to isolate in our homes, wear masks, etc.  I had negativity about blogging because of time and technical limitations.  My excuse to others was “I cannot blog until I have more techy information.”  

That techy information I needed came right into our living room to help me take a step towards this internal goal of sharing through a blog.  It was a son named Boston who arrived on March 19th.  He has his own blog.   He even brought the subject up, suggesting that if I still wanted to do a blog, he could help me while he here isolating from Covid-19 and we could even make videos. I thought,  “Alright, God, I get it.  I have no excuse now.  I guess it is time.  You even brought the answer to me.”  

 So I will attempt to do what I wrote down as a goal years ago. I will share past changes, loss, and then gains that came later with each loss.   I will also share some amazing answers and experiences that came from my divine source, God, Jesus, and Spirit, as I moved through life.  Hopefully this blog will be enjoyed by children and grandchildren and perhaps help another reader also.  Now let’s see if I can do a “blog.”