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I eventually met someone that I liked! How? One afternoon a friend of mine telephoned.  She said that her 80-year-old mother had come for a visit. When my friend asked her Mom what she would like to do, her mother said that she wanted her to take her to a place where they had live music and she would like to dance.  This request was not what my friend expected.  She pleaded with me to go with her to take her mother dancing. I had never met her mother, but this sounded like an adventure for her mother, and I agreed.  A gentleman asked me to dance. It was a fun evening. After calling me for several weeks, he asked me out, I went, and we dated for several months. I unexpectedly really liked him. We did not see each other often due to his distance from my home in Norman. Every time we were together was a great time. I thought he said that he was single the very first night we met, but he said, “No, I told you that I was separated. You must have heard what I wanted to hear. Ha! I was certain that I heard him say he was “single” the very first night we met.

After having a few more dates, I had one of my vivid dreams that he needed to go back home and be with his family. After writing a short letter sharing what I thought was going to happen according to my dream, I mailed it. I was right. He telephoned me as soon as he got the letter and asked how I knew he was to do that? I explained the dream and asked why. He said that his son had telephoned that morning. Both sons wanted to meet with him in approximately one hour. I later learned that they asked him to come home due to their mother needing help. She had fallen and hurt herself. That was that!

I was so mad at myself! Still hurting from not understanding the truth of my situation, I returned to being only with my single female friends for great discussions and entertainment. To bring myseelf back to focusing on my own life, I accepted an invitation to go with a friend to a reception hosted by Merrill-Lynch in downtown Oklahoma City. She had her investments with them. I had no finances to speak of at the time. I dressed appropriately and looked forward to meeting many new people.

Soon after arriving, I met Cathy. Have you ever met someone that you immediately clicked with and had so much to share with? That is what happened. I discovered Cathy also lived in Norman and drove back and forth to Oklahoma City every day for work. She was single, not seeing anyone, and was also spending time looking within for answers. It was as if a bubble was around us. She worked for Merrill Lynch and was hoping to meet new clients at this reception. We neither one met anyone else. While we were talking, she all of a sudden said, “Susanne, I think you are the one that is supposed to go with me and help me do a vision quest. Would you consider that?” I said, “Certainly, what is a vision quest?” She shook her head and frowned before saying, “I am not sure, but I know that I am interested in doing one.”

Several days later, Cathy telephoned and said that she had found where she was supposed to do one, Sedona, Arizona. She would pay for the hotel room and meals if I would just be a supporter for her doing this. She knew I was somewhat struggling financially. I would have to take care of my plane flight. We sat the date of our adventure, and she made the plane reservations. We were going to fly into Phoenix and rent a car. She also made reservations for the automobile. A few weeks passed, and the time to leave came. I was packed and ready to go. Cathy picked me up, and we were off. Both of us were excited!

We arrived in Phoenix and went outside after retrieving our luggage. When I asked Cathy the name of the car rental she called, she looked panicky. She could not remember. Oops! Not a good start. After searching her pocketbook for a name, we went outside to watch for rental cars drive by. We thought names on the rental automobiles might jog her memory. It did not. So Cathy suggested I  go to the “pay telephone” booth (that we used to have) and begin telephoning rental agencies to find one that had a car in her name that was to be waiting for us at the airport. I opened up my billfold so that I could more easily get my change for calls I would be making. That billfold held all of my money for the entire trip! After making a few calls with no luck, I heard Cathy yelling for me to join her on a shuttle.  I ran! She had discovered the rental agency, and the shuttle could take us to it. As I sat down, we were laughing at ourselves, and suddenly I realized that I left my billfold at the telephone booth. I quickly told the driver, and he said he would make another loop so that I could see if it was still there. However, the driver felt like someone most likely would already have taken it. Miracle! My billfold and my money were both there!. Thank you, God!

The bus delivered us to pick up our automobile. We headed from Phoenix to Sedona. On the way, I suggested that we stop for a bathroom break and call our hotel to share with them that we were on our way, but our arrival would be late. Surprise! Cathy telephoned and learned that we still had our reservations for the following two nights, but gave our room to someone else for the night! So we began watching for a place to stay, and we saw none. Finally, we came upon a beautifully lit, expensive-looking hotel and stopped. It was unbelievably high. Cathy and I both tried to talk the man into the only suite they had left. It was almost midnight. I convinced him that we would only be sleeping in the bed. We would not even shower in the morning if that helped in cleaning the room. We shared how much we had planned to spend. By this time, he wanted to be rid of us and agreed hesitantly. He slowly handed us the key and pointed us in the right direction. Wow! Beautiful room!

The next day we arrived at our hotel in Sedona. It was not nearly as beautiful as the one we just left this morning but was plenty comfortable for us. That day was for walking around Sedona, seeing a few stores, and later taking a very much needed nap before dinner. We were tired due to our flight, rental car experience, and previous late-night adventure finding a room. 

After a good night’s sleep, we had breakfast and began making plans for Cathy’s vision quest. We surveyed the different vortexes the map of Sedona that the hotel manager gave us when we checked into the hotel. Cathy chose Bell Rock because it’s considered an electrical vortex, which is said to be a perfect place for someone wanting forward movement and setting intentions. The map also said it is an excellent place to chant or make prayers, because the energy of Bell Rock would amplify a prayer, sending it up and out into the Universe.

Okay, that is it. We were off to Bell Rock, but first we needed to stop to get snacks and a coke with lots of ice to take with us. The sun was high in the sky, and it was getting hot. We hiked into Bell Rock. It was a gentle climb up to places to sit on this huge rock. Cathy seated herself. I went a distance from her and situated myself in a place far to her left and behind her so that she could not see me when she looked forward. I said prayers for Cathy to receive every once in a while and then would have another snack. Ha! Little did we know about vision quests! After about two hours went by, with my food and drink gone, I watched Cathy. She was seeming restless. I called to her “Are you finished praying?” Her answer was “Just about.” Then I asked, “Have you had your vision yet or do we need to stay longer?” With no answer, I decided she was praying again. In just a few minutes, she called, “I am ready to go. I was just finishing up.”

When we headed down, she shared, “I don’t know what I received, but I know that I  enjoyed this time to be silent and pray.” As we walked further down, she picked up a large, red heart rock and handed it back to me, saying, “This heart is for you. Once you have a heart rock, you will not ever have a broken heart again.” Since that day, I have collected heart rocks, have received heart rocks from friends, and some of my favorites are from my grandchildren that got so excited when they found a heart rock for me.  I also have given others heart rocks that I knew they might want and need.

I cherish the experience of Cathy’s vision quest. Initially her quest appeared to be a single event. I later saw that it was the beginning of a process that unfolded for me over time. It appeared to be a silly knock-off of a vision quest but, in time, it came to be just a part of the vision that would unfold for me for my life!

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  1. Mary Hall says:

    I’ve drudged through Lisa Shumate’s death. I read and follow your blog. Felt tonight you might not know this so I say, Thank You. Love you. it’ll all be right with God but if’ll be a continuing struggle to help her sister get this done. Write a will with survivors listed. Courts and Covid do not pay well together!

  2. Diane Noble says:

    Love this. Everyday I’m reminded of the words spoken through my blanket on my vision quest, “your needs will always be met, share this with the people”. Susanne, you walked with me as my life awoke and changed. Thank you for your support and love.

  3. Iscriviti says:

    I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.

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