The Superconscious Mind

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With several people asking for more information about affirmations and then every article or devotional that I picked up also mentioning affirmations, I finally decided it was time to say more about what will hopefully help. Affirmations became a part of my life when I was attempting to grow my business. To grow my business and help my organization, I found a man speaking on his success to other groups in my field and made an appointment with him. Arriving fifteen minutes early, a lady ushered me into his office to wait. I sat down and observed a large whiteboard with a list of what appeared to be goals. I noticed the words “superconscious mind” on the board. Just then, he entered the room, and I asked, “What does the superconscious mind mean?” He replied, “I do not have time to explain. We will talk about that later.” We never did.

When I later began going through my most difficult time and began reading inspirational books about ways to remove limitations by changing what was within, I began to understand the subconscious within me. I thought some of the material I was reading sounded both simple and yet crazy. That is when I began to see what would happen with affirmations. I also tried some exercises to improve my own intuition. I wrote and used affirmations to help me change. As I began opening to new ideas and possibilities, I checked my beliefs versus the beliefs of others. I also began to step over self-limiting boundaries. This helped me see that some past beliefs were no longer mine. I began drawing to me different books, different people, and unusual answers. I not only read, but also listened, always checking myself to see if what I was drawing was better than what I drew in the past or if a past relief was no longer necessary. I learned that for me, it took prayer, trust, listening, intuition, and affirmations to reach my superconscious mind that we all have! I initially fasted once a day for four weeks for answers to begin, began meditating, and found a support group through Al-Anon. Most of you already know how all of this came about. I watched as my intuition became more accurate.

Intuition is your divine guidance. It is when you might get a message as simple as “stay in this lane rather than changing lanes” or “do not turn until you get to the next corner.” It is what we call a hunch. It is, however, God within, the eye watching over us. Someone that always follows the reasoning mind finds it difficult to listen with clarity and follow intuition. It is also difficult for someone that does the same thing every day and allows deviations to upset them. Every moment we can link with intuition gives us a definite lead to our signs. So many times, we attempt to think our way out rather than intuit our way out! Intuition is a spiritual faculty we each have.

Affirmations will help you develop and open unexpected new doors. However, your own action must come first. Write affirmations that will help you release fears in your life by writing words about what you want to come to you. Affirmations can release a feeling of being weak or a victim of circumstances that is causing defeat. They help overcome doubts and negative vibrations about Self. Remember this! One person with perfect peace and filled with love and goodwill can dissolve all negative vibrations. Jesus even said that “All power is given to bring Heaven to Earth.” And this God-given power is also within each of us in our “superconscious mind.” To work with God’s power, you must give it the right of way and still the reasoning mind. That means our part is to activate our faith. Act as though “I am.” Therefore, affirmations in the present tense help. For instance, I said an affirmation like this, always including my name, and I made certain it was in the present tense…as if it were already happening. Exciting words helped me remember the affirmation and brought smiles to my face as I said them. So always write a few words into your affirmation that bring excitement to your life. You might add a few sentences to affirmations to support what you said.

“I, Susanne, am opening daily to God’s guidance in my life. I am listening for answers and am excited about receiving them.” Then I took some simple actions to show God and Spirit that I was serious. I not only began saying affirmations every day, but I also did something else that was fun. Every night when I got into bed, I began working on a Temple. It would be my Temple within that I could go to when necessary. I visualized walking down a path until I came to a place to build it, then I began. I gave it a strong foundation because I wanted a stronger foundation for my life. I had fun designing the inside. Much of it was glass so that I could see the beautiful land outside. I also made a door on the right side of my Temple. I created a waterfall on the left side and placed a stage in the center. When I completed the entire building, I went to the door on the right and opened the door to invite anyone that had a message for me to enter. This was a great way to go to sleep and forget the day. This relaxed me and prepared me for answers to come.

I also listened feelings and my intuition to messages within when I did simple things, like go to a restaurant. I might walk over and sit down at a table. Before eating, I felt what I could. If I felt uneasy, I took note. I would get up and move. If I felt comfortable in my seat, I happily remained. Carolyn, a friend of mine, and I met for lunch one time. We were at a cafeteria, and the food looked delicious. Carolyn, a minister friend of mine, was also working on intuition and “listening within.” We picked a table, and we both felt it was not right. We moved to another table, and the energy felt much better than at the first table. Perhaps people were negative before our sitting down. By the way, this normally did not happen. Because of that feeling, however, and because it was unusual for me to feel that way, I paid attention. Active faith impresses the subconscious.

I do know that before I was listening, I would receive signs and ignore them. Many unhappy situations entered my life because I had impatient desires or wanted to avoid a conflict. That happened in my own lifetime. I wrote another affirmation. Knowing we each have an inheritance from God, I began doing this affirmation. “I, Susanne,, with God’s help, am drawing to me that which is mine by Divine right! I am receiving my inheritance as I speak, and I thank you for it.” That affirmation helped me become a true student of God/Spirit/Jesus and gave me the idea to place God at the top of my list each day, even in my planner. Then I listened. Answers sometimes came through intuitive thought, words others said, a line I read in a book that caused me to think, dreams, even a movie. It was as if my eyes were open and my hearing was magnified in all parts of my life! I began to see my personal inheritance being formed. All life is vibration, and affirmations improve your vibrations in life. With higher vibrations, watch what you draw to yourself and how your life improves. My life appeared to fall apart, but then it came back together in a much better way for me.

You combine with what you notice or vibrate toward! If you are vibrating to injustice and resentment, you will meet it on your path. To change your mood, you must change your vibrations. Turn on a different current in your thought, and you will feel the difference within immediately. Then you will see it without when you are stepping forward. Saying affirmations helps you “be a master of words.” It is difficult to control your thoughts, but you can control your words. Your tools are your words. Be certain you are building constructively. Remember that we are each Spirit in a Physical body. It is good for us to understand this spiritual law. “Whatever we send out comes back to us, and what you do to others will be done to you.” I have watched with my own eyes when this has happened to my Self in my past and others. I have cringed as I listen to words being said that I know will come back to a friend or see actions a person takes that I know will eventually be returned. I do believe karma sometimes happens right here on earth.

What happens when evil appears? See-through the evil, knowing out of it will come good. How can a person obtain peace when his/her whole life is in turmoil? By saying an affirmation. I am saying this again, always know that even if you cannot control your thought, you can control your words, and eventually, word wins out. Most people attract inharmonious conditions because they have been fighting battles and carrying their own burdens. We have to get out of God’s way so he/she/I can harmonize or adjust to the situation. Put situations that need help in a God Box and get out of the way. If you do not understand a God Box, go back to my God Box blog and read. That will help you. Next, write an affirmation to help you! Say it every morning and every night before going to bed, or put them on the sun visor in your car to say when you are by yourself driving somewhere. If you are waiting, do something to show your faith. Put your focus on something like “cleaning out a closet and talk to your divine source” while doing it. By the time you finish, your faith carries you through. You may have even received an answer while cleaning out. Intuition is an excellent guide. Follow it in little things and then trust it in big things. We can learn how to transmute all failure into plenty and all discord into peace. Every morning I make a short prayer of gratefulness to God, and then I add, “Thank you, God, for turning anything that appears negative today into a positive. Amen.

Very few bring into life what is rightfully theirs. Instead, they live as outsiders of their heart’s desires. What is rightfully theirs seems too good to be true. When you are spiritually awake, nothing is too good to be true! Keep walking toward being wide awake to bring your good into manifestation. Talk to God and Spirit like they are friends. Give thanks for a new day. Talk about constructive things. Do not look back and hash over hard times or discord with someone. Give thanks for a new day. Be immune to all adverse appearances. Be wide awake to bring good into manifestation. Know there is a way out of despair and limitation, especially when discouraged, angry, or resentful. Ask for “Reveal to me the way.” Make an affirmation to turn everything around. Prepare for your blessings and intuitive needs. Do not run away from a disputation of which you’re afraid.


The only person I can change is me. When my life became unmanageable, I surrendered. Affirmations can help me and you in all parts of life situations. They can help us go to the center of Self to find joy and peace within. Affirmations greatly helped me change my subconscious about many parts of my life. Change through affirmations does help a person reach the superconscious mind.


Following the death of my husband in my 30’s, I thought there was no other single person in the world. Following a divorce in my early 40’s, I also felt this way. I had done affirmations about achieving in my work, but I had not used them in my personal life. Working on me helped me see that I had low self-esteem on the inside while I was a high achiever to others. I began creating affirmations that helped me like myself more. I created an affirmation about drawing interesting, intelligent, and kind women to be friends.

I realized that I did begin drawing men to me, but they were all married or separated. That led me to a realization that I did not know how to be single in my subconscious. Subconsciously, I was used to being married. I had been married for 17 years, single two, married for five. So I felt that was why I kept drawing those men. I wrote a new affirmation about liking myself as single and how much happier I was getting each day. And I focused on being perfectly happy and comfortable with myself as a single.

On a beautiful Fall day, with no date for three years and really happy with myself and my apartment rather than my house, I wrote that I would like to draw a kind, compatible person to have fun with that was a male. Nothing seemed to be happening, Spring came, and then I drew fourteen single men that “asked me out” in about a six-week period. I realized that the affirmation I created said something like “I, Susanne, do not know what I want for a compatible mate and, with God’s help, it might be fun to be like Cinderella at the Ball. In early Spring, men seemed to be everywhere. They were standing in line at the grocery store, at a talk I was giving, at a restaurant when I was with four other women. (That one walked over and gave me his card saying that he had been watching me and would like to get to know me. He liked my smile.) I went on one or two dates with every one of those men but told each of them that I could not go out anymore for a while. I also shared with God that I was too tired for this. I decided to rewrite my affirmation and begin again. Six weeks later, I walked up on the porch of this house, knocked, and John answered the door.

I wrote an affirmation about having affluence, having enough for me to live on, and giving to others. I wrote one about stepping over self-limiting boundaries and “knowing” my own beliefs. I wrote an affirmation about bringing Heaven to Earth. I, in fact, wrote affirmations about love in my family, about becoming love within and without. I wrote about anything that I felt to be a stumbling block to improving physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I wrote affirmations about my healing as well as the healing of my children. After that affirmation, Dawn moved back in first. Next, Johnny returned home from the Navy and also moved in with us. Both of them lived with me for about a year, and we all three loved it! We got to know each other in a new way and had the opportunity to heal Don’s death plus my bad marriage that hurt us so badly in our past.

As I said these affirmations, I watched my life evolve and change! Yes, it took time. Once a year, I also hid out for a weekend. During that weekend, I made vision boards and wrote affirmations, knowing I could add new ideas to my vision boards and could add affirmations.

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