Years ago while going through a very difficult time in my life, I made an appointment with a counselor.  This was four years after moving back to Oklahoma and I was in my second marriage. I had never seen a counselor.    It felt funny to do so after building and running a comprehensive mental health center in New Mexico.  The counselor I chose in Oklahoma City kept giving me hints that I might like trying a Codependency meeting or Al-Anon.  That made me mad each time, but I followed his advice.  After trying both, I chose Al-Anon.  The same thing happened with a possibility of blogging that happened years ago when I decided to attend Al-Anon.  Everything got in the way of my blogging.

I made it to two meetings of Al-Anon and felt much better.  And then every time I was ready to leave for a meeting, something happened to keep me from getting there.  After missing three meetings, I committed to myself “I am definitely going to the next meeting!”   Sure enough, a gentleman knocked on my door as I was picking up my purse to leave for Al-Anon.  He wanted products that I needed to sell!  I said, “I have a meeting and encouraged him to come back later.” He responded, “I plan to buy over $1,000 worth of products.”  I had been making lots of prayers and felt like Spirit was watching to see if I was serious about my commitment to find answers to draw a better life to me.   I am so sorry. You see, I must attend this meeting, but I will be back in about one hour.  Please come back.”  Luckily, he did.

Years later, a man sitting next to me suddenly began visiting with me. He said, “ I want to show you something about commitment.  Then he motioned to the door.  “See the door?  Go open the front door partway.  I did. “What do you see?”  I described what I saw and what I heard.  Then he said, “Now close the door and come in again, but open the door all the way.”  I did so. “Now what?”  “I see the entire room plus others in the room.”  He then responded, “It is the same with commitment. Most people only partially commit. One must commit to Self before committing to another and until you fully commit, you do not see the whole picture. A promise can be easily broken. Always commit to Self first before committing to another.  So I am committing to this blog today and to you.  Then together we will see the result.