Second Opinion, Second Chance

When my daughter Dawn was working and going to college, we had a fantastic day! Because her Dad died and did not get a second opinion when I suggested that he do so, I am careful and listen for guidance within from God/Spirit. During a situation Dawn had in her life in 1987, I had a gut level experience about her. Dawn was living and working part-time in Oklahoma City and also in Norman part-time. That was hard for her. With money short, we made a new plan that we both liked! She could move back to Norman, live with me to save money, finish school, and work more hours at Crispy’s Restaurant in Norman rather than splitting herself between two jobs. This plan was good. She could end the drive back and forth between Oklahoma City and Norman, and could drive to school in Edmond on days she had class.

However, one night before her move, she telephoned to tell me that her back had gone out and was awful. Now it was morning and her back was much worse. She could hardly get out of bed. Her Grandfather, my Dad, lived in Oklahoma City. He suggested a chiropractor that he knew. I had never been to a chiropractor, and she had not, either. Daddy said that this lady could help Dawn. He had already telephoned her to ask if Dawn could see her. Yes! Dawn and I agreed that this was a good suggestion. Even though it was difficult, Dawn thought that she could make it to her car and drive to her office for the appointment. What happened next?

With my office in my home in Norman, I was waiting anxiously for a telephone call from Dawn. My phone finally rang, , but the call was not from Dawn. It was from the Doctor!!!

I answered, “Good Morning! My name is Susanne. May I help you?

Doctor: Susanne, I have your daughter in my office,,, and she is in a bad situation. She is upset with what I told her. I thought that you needed to know what my suggestion is for Dawn. I told her that she needed to quit school and move home to live with you for the rest of this semester. She also needs to be utterly bedfast until she gets better. I knew Dawn was most likely about to panic with this doctor telling her these things. Dawn was close to acquiring her degree, and I could imagine how devastating this was to her. While this doctor was talking, I was formulating a plan in my head.

Me: Will you please put Dawn on the phone? I want to speak to her if I may?

She did hand the phone to Dawn, and when I got on, I said, “Dawn, do you think you can drive to Norman? Or do I have to come to get you? I want you to get another opinion from someone I have learned about from a friend.”

Dawn: “It will be hard, but I can try. Why?” Me: “I believe I can get the name of someone else that can give us a second opinion about your backs that we can go see. Come to my house,,, and we will go from here. Just tell her that you have to leave.” As soon as I hung up, I called my friend Mary Enterline, who had mentioned a doctor that was with with excellent in helping her with her knees. I thought that if he could be so miraculous with knees, perhaps he might be just as good with backs.

I got his name. He was a family doctor, a D.O. that had excellent reviews. I hate to say that I cannot remember his name. Telephoning his office, I explained the problem to the receptionist before asking if I could bring Dawn to their office. She agreed and suggested that we arrive as soon as possible and explained that we might have a long while before seeing the doctor, but her final statement was, “Yes, do bring her in.”

Dawn arrived home. We headed to his office. The kind receptionist told us to have a seat. It was evident that Dawn was in lots of pain. Patients filled the waiting room; however, it was not long before the nurse came to retrieve us. She guided us to the examination room, asked a few questions, and left to help other patients. It was not long before the Doctor entered to do the exam.

He introduced himself and said, “Dawn, can you lay down on this examination table on your stomach?” He began lightly feeling Dawn’s back. His thumb and hand made a gentle motion back and forth across her back, moving his hands carefully from side to side. Next, he requested: “Dawn, will you stand up?” Dawn: “I have had a hard time doing that! I have barely been able to stand or walk or straighten my leg.”

To my amazement, she seemed to be able to not only get off the examination table but to stand straight. Then the Doctor made another request: “Now, will you lift your left leg and raise it straight out to the side as high as you can?” Dawn did so, and she smiled as she said, “I cannot believe this. It did not hurt!” He replied, “Now do it with your right leg.” The result was the same. Dawn looked so relieved and happy. She asked,,, “How long do I have to wait to go back to work?” The Doctor asked, “Where are you working?” Dawn answered, “Crispy’s Restaurant. I wait tables.” He responded by saying, “I like that restaurant. Perhaps I will see you there.”

Dawn asked, “I need to let them know if I will be able to go back soon?” This surprising Doctor replied, “When is your next shift?” Dawn: “Today at 4 o’clock.”

The Doctor grinned and said, “Well, you had better hurry. You don’t have much time to get ready.” Dawn: “I am the one on my shift that has to carry heavy trays up and down the stairs. Can I do that?” Doctor: “Yes, that will be no problem.”

So, due to a second opinion, Dawn went from bedfast to working her shift at Crispy’s. She had about an hour and a half to eat, shower, and make it to work following a difficult evening, night, and a portion of this same day in excruciating pain. Her back did not go out again for many years following this visit. I had a problem, though, and tried to call him for an appointment for me. No one answered. I learned that he had retired. A few years later, I realized that he had died.

To this day, if I have a gut feeling that a second opinion might be a good choice for the situation, I do not hesitate to get one. It is vitally important. So many times, we are all hesitant. We are afraid that we will hurt someone’s feelings, or we might hurt the feelings of the doctor we are seeing, or it will take too long before we can have an appointment, etc. All I can say is “Take time to get a second opinion.”

LESSON: Get a second opinion if you have the thought cross your mind or if you have a feeling in your gut that you might need to acquire one.

GIFT: A second chance came with a second opinion. The end result brought fantastic results for Dawn. She was able to finish school, graduate, and move forward in life! She was not stuck in a bed for the semester! Hallelujah!

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  1. Vicki Rennie says:

    Love this Susanne. Thank you

    1. Vicki, I love you! Thank you for your comment on Second Chance!

  2. Jona Kay Steed says:

    Good advice for everyone! So glad you reminded us!

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