Power of Spoken Words

Did you know that one person with perfect peace and perfect poise, filled with love and goodwill, can dissolve all negative vibrations as he/she steps into a room. It is important that we understand this. It is also important to know we can only change Self, no one else. When we change one thing in our lives, everything around us begins to change. How do we change a tumultuous, negative situation that we are in? How can we quit obsessing over a situation that we do not like in our lives?

We can learn to harness and direct thought! That is one reason affirmations help so much. If you begin to think negative thoughts about yourself at night or actually any time, immediately put in four positive thoughts about yourself. Words and thoughts must be handled with wisdom and understanding. An imagination running wild and building fear pictures draws to you something like riding a bucking bronco. You can change that. Rhythm, harmony, and balance within are the keys to success and happiness. You can have that in every part of your life.

We begin to change by changing our thoughts and words. It is sometimes difficult to change our thoughts, but we can start by changing what comes out of our mouths. We can overcome whatever is causing us continual anxiety. That means conquer doubts and fears. That is why the “I am affirmations spoken out loud repeatedly help.” We draw to us what is in our subconscious. We have years of input into the subconscious that cause repeated patterns or unwanted situations in our life to come to us repeatedly. Chaos from our past is drawn to us because that is what we are used to in this lifetime. 

To change it, a person can become aware of every word coming out of the mouth. Say an affirmation repeatedly for what you want. State it in the “present tense” as if it is already happening, using words that bring a smile on your face. I used to choose one affirmation a week to do multiple times every day. Listen to your intuition more than the rational mind. They say that intuition is a spiritual faculty we each have that is above intellect. How many times have I not listened to my intuition when I received a glimpse of it and even felt it in my gut? I ignored it so many times and plunged right into what I thought I “SHOULD DO.” When I began to listen and allow Self to follow my instinct, life became so different for me. I did affirmations about “bringing Heaven to Earth” and what I thought it would feel like. Happiness increased greatly as I looked in the mirror and began to believe,” this could really happen!

I did an affirmation about liking my new apartment. Then a person finally offered to purchase my house two weeks before the next house payment was due. I did not get what I put into this house, but I received $100 above what I owed on it, and I would not have bad credit! I accepted the offer and began selling everything that I could not put into a 700 square foot apartment. As I began to downsize from a 2000 square foot home in Norman, I kept thinking about how I personally felt lighter! Much was still in the garage from what I did not release when leaving our 4000 square foot home in New Mexico. Sales helped me make it for the next few months.

I had been doing an affirmation about having someone to take with me to dinner parties or go to a dinner or movie with once in a while that might eventually become a steady companion. I did affirmations about “liking being single” so that I could like myself more and enjoy being alone plus live a happy, delightful life as a single person. Since I had difficulties in both marriages that I did not want to repeat, I worded my affirmation carefully and began saying it daily. I was beginning to think there were no single men anywhere, not even one to take with me to a dinner party. I was not certain what I wanted in a companion other than kindness. So I did an affirmation about “being like Cinderella at the ball and wanting to draw to me nice men to show me what I wanted since I did not know.” I also read the book “2150 A.D.” before Spring that I had been instructed to read about relationships. It was the book I received in my New Years’ Eve sack with the gold piece I was now wearing every day. (That story is in a past blog on Eternal Gold). I was watching how my vibrations were changing and drawing to me different successes.

Spring arrived, and I could not believe what happened. It began when I spoke at a singles’ group for a Methodist Church in Oklahoma City. A very nice gentleman asked me out. Then a nice-looking man began visiting with me as we purchased groceries asked me out, and suddenly there were single men everywhere. One walked over to the table when I was eating out with friends, said that he had been watching me, and loved my smile. He then gave me his card and said that he would love to have me call if I were interested. I did not call, but I had fourteen different men ask me out in six weeks. None of them held my interest, but they were all nice! I did not even kiss them. I did go with multiple ones on two dates before sharing that I thought I wanted to date but had a large amount of wor backing up, and I needed to stop going places for awhile.

Then I shared with God my gratitude for this exciting time in my life and told God that I could not keep this up. I told God this was tiring. I said that I needed to focus on work, seeing my children when they could see me, and writing a book. It was easy to see that something different was happening to me. It was so evident that my subconscious was drawing something new and different into my life! Change! We create our lives and with repeated words out loud, there is a change in our own vibration that begins drawing to us what is ours to have. We can release what is negative within and draw to us all that is ours to have!

I had affirmations that were changing me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was waking up and becoming more aware of each word I was saying. Words can hurt and even destroy, or comments can inspire and motivate. Both of my children were already stepping forward in their own lives. I made every attempt to watch my words with them. I allowed them to make their own decisions, and I did not advise unless they requested it. We were all three happier.  Each one moved out, but the time we lived together was healing and appreciated.

I listened to my intuition when asked to go somewhere or when an invitation came to me. I learned how to say “no” and not be responsible for the reactions received. I kept my focus on a blessing someone else that could receive for saying “yes.” Following my intuition more seemed to open a magical path for me. It was very much like flowing down a river rather than fighting upstream.

We are destructive to Self when we use words that are destructive even when we joke and do not mean it. We say bad things about ourselves and people do not realize when they say something derogatory to us and it hurts, it comes back to them. When I was around a group of men and they began to tease negatively about women, I attempted to explain that they were hurting their own feminine side. The same happens when talking about men in a negative way. It hurts our own masculine side. We are all both masculine and feminine. What comes out of our mouth eventually comes back to us.

Now let us talk about prayer. It is good to be aware of the words used in prayer. Pray with belief and with trust. After all, we are told by God to “ask and receive.” It is essential not to limit God when we do pray. Prayer is telephoning God. Intuition is God telephoning me. I guess that is why I love it when there is “synchronicity” taking place in my life and in the lives of those that share stories with me. When we pray, believe you already have it. Thank God for it. I am not specific in any prayer. Instead, I pray for what will be for my highest good or my _____’s highest good. I might say, “if possible, I would like_______, but if that is not to be, I am asking for what is for my highest good.” I leave the result up to God and take limits off God that way.

There is a cell of God within each of us. I believe it connects to our soul that enters with the first breath of life. God’s cell within connects every person on earth to God. For me, it is God, Jesus, and Spirit. Others may have a different divine source. I believe we can stop destroying ourselves as well as others with the destructive words we use when we joke around and when we discuss with each other. I know that we can elevate our vibrations, increasing the energy field that surrounds each of us. We do this as we become more conscious of our words and begin making more statements that encourage others rather than deplete others. I do slip, but I do my best to be aware of what I am saying. To change your world, change your words. Try a diet of the right words.

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  1. Teresa Begley says:

    My dear Susanne. I personally needed to hear these words again because I am filled with fear and dread about our government especially our president. Perhaps if we all begin stating our feelings in a positive way, we will have a positive outcome and we’ll feel better about life. Perfect timing.

  2. Thank you for your sharing. I am worried that I lack creative ideas. It is your article that makes me full of hope. Thank you. But, I have a question, can you help me?

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