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Gratefulness fills my heart today with what comes from the invisible world as well as the visible world. I am even grateful for difficult times in life that have taught me so much. In the last few months, we have had two deaths in our family, a brother that lived here in Pauls Valley and a sister-in-law in Oklahoma City. Our sister-in-law that lives here needs our help. In addition to this, John and I are having multiple doctor’s appointments. Every day this week includes a doctor’s appointment for one of us, plus we have to take our sister-in-law to the city to see a doctor on Friday. In November, a family of four will be staying with us for three weeks!

Children and grandchildren will be with us through Thanksgiving. Next, comes Christmas and all four families are thinking about coming home? We did that a few years ago, and I am not sure either one of us got to talk to anyone. John and I were always working, preparing the next meal, getting everyone ready and in the cars to go somewhere, etc. We decided that they think we are still 40! Ha! With all of this, my first thought is, “How am I going to get a blog out every Monday?” I still have a list of more blogs that I hope to do. It generally takes me two days to do a good blog, one to write and the next to change and correct. I already skipped some weeks when the deaths took place. There was more work to be done following our brother’s death. He had too much. It makes us want to downsize as soon as possible. That work is continuing, and his wife also needs our help.

I want to continue my blog because I am surprised by the joy I get from stepping back into my situations through my blog. Plus, some of you have been fantastic readers. How do I know? Some encouraging comments have shown up. Any of you can leave a comment on Facebook where my blog shows up. I hope you will leave a comment because comments help me know who is reading my blog.

I intended this blog for grandchildren to read my when they were in their forties to learn more about me. Boston, a son, helped me get everything set up, including a webpage. Then a daughter called while we were working on it, and I told her. I shared what I was doing with only two friends who asked me how I was spending my time. However, some of you saw the blog and gave me feedback—this delightful surprise caused me to keep going. I got excited about just sharing it with everyone, hoping that it might help someone. For me, it was a way to touch lives in Covid. Now I want to continue. I am encouraged with every comment.

If possible, I want to write one inspiring paragraph that could help all of us, myself included! I may even be lucky enough to write a line worthy of putting on a refrigerator as a reminder. We will see. As we see four doctors this week, I am filling my life with gratitude, and I hope you do the same with whatever you do. I am grateful for everything, from the air we breathe to all within our earth and the answers we receive from above. Our adventure in life seems to surprise us sometimes, and all can change in a heartbeat. What if everything that is happening to us is happening “for us?”

I hope you feel the love I am sending to everyone that reads this. Have a great week, and do not hesitate to write a question if you have one or send me an idea you want me to cover. Once in a while, when there is time, I might take the opportunity to have fun and write one of my longer blogs. I plan to go back to my regular blog in January. By the way, last year, I wrote no goals for the first time since the 1980s. I am now making notes for what I hope to begin or ultimately achieve in 2022! Are you jotting down any ideas? Now is a perfect time as the leaves fall and the tree prepares for rebirthing! Have a happy week!

11 thoughts on “Living Life”

  1. Kathy Hall says:

    I absolutely know how you feel and have troubles (I can’t fix) with my surviving Elders. Your blog often gives me a re-set I need. Difficult spiritual times are felt by many. You likely don’t realize the insight you bring. I love you (and John’s pretty fine, too). We may not see each other, but our bond doesn’t need that, Yet. I never doubt when I can’t cope – you’re the one I call. And I thank you, love you, and trust you. Don’t dismiss the lack of comments on this blog for a lack of support. Hope you’ll lean on me, too!

    1. Kathy, thank you. You are right. We do not have to be together to know each other is there. I thank you for commenting, though!

  2. Lynn says:

    Love this: “I am grateful for everything, to the air We breathe to all within our Earth and the answers I receive from above”!

    And “what if everything that is happening to us is happening for us”!

    You take good care this week, and the upcoming holiday and write only when you have time! And that looks to be January☺️

    1. Lynn, your comments are all great and spur me on. Will truly be attempting a weekly quick blog and will continue on my list of blogs in January, if not sooner. I am smiling as Is think of you. Do send me a comment once in awhile between now and then if I do a paragraph blog to help someone. You are a fantastic person I always love to hear from.

  3. Betty Trubey says:

    Susie, I have tried to read as many blogs as possible and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Some seems like I was reliving them. Don’t get to read as many as I would like because Kim and I have 2 foster daughters. We have had them since May. They are 7 years old and 14 months old. Probably will have them for some time. Hope everybody is well and tell them hello. Love ya, Betty

  4. Betty, I love getting this comment! What a gift…two foster children. I honestly do not know how you have time to read anything! But so glad you have been reading and enjoyed some of what I have posted. Love to you. Give everyone a hug!

  5. Susan Jones says:

    Susanne, doctors appointments can be fun too! ❤️Your positivity!!

  6. Linda Speer says:

    I understand all too well about relatives transitioning!!! Being sole caregiver to all of my family until they passed… Take Some Time Off…Those that Love You; Understand!!! Love You All Sooo Much❣️ You Both are in my Prayers❣️🦅

  7. Vicki Rennie says:

    Hey having that much family for holidays is such a blessing and someday you won’t be able to. I wish we could have our whole family but that will never happen. Make it easier by ordering food made by caterers. Pig Shop, Tammy D, etc. I’m learning you don’t have to kill yourself, take shortcuts. Love you

    1. Vicki, you are so right! It is just more fun when there is time to visit since they all come from out of town. Big love to you! And Thank you for the comment.

      1. I agree, Susan! I always have fun at my doctor’s appointments! Big love!
        When it is out of town, I generally make a day of it with a good meal somewhere! I even do that sometimes when it is in town!

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