A Miracle

What do we do when we have a miracle in our lives? We often tend to justify it away. I am not explaining this one away that took place on Sunday morning, October 31! That was one week and two days ago. It was when television announcers shared with us all weekend about hurricane three winds coming to Northern California. We have a son who lives in San Francisco and a daughter, a son-in-law, and two grandchildren who live at Stinson Beach, California, about forty-five minutes outside San Francisco.

Sunday afternoon, Dawn telephoned and was still amazed by what had happened. She and her eldest daughter Ari rose at 3:30 a.m. to take Ari’s friend to the airport. They began the drive “in har rain” down the mountain to the San Francisco Airport. Suddenly, an electrical pole slid off the hill, fell, and landed about three feet in front of Dawn’s car. Other electrical poles also began sliding off the mountain onto the road. Broken wire lines were hitting in multiple places on the outside of Dawn’s automobile. One broken wire was across the top of her car and then came down next to the passenger’s window. The wind made the broken wires blow around, and the wire on the passenger’s side kept hitting that window repeatedly.

Dawn said that the oddest thing happened as an unusual calm covered her through this entire situation. She kept telling Ari and her friend that they would get out be fine. It took a while, but she did get them out. I said, “How was this possible?” It sounded to me like God’s Grace was covering her the way she described the unusual calm. She said, “Mom, it was like being caught in a spider web with all of those lines hitting my car, laying on the car, and hitting the car as the lines surrounded us.” I replied, “Oh my gosh, how did you get out?” Dawn: “I am not quite sure, but I would go forward two inches and then back up two inches. I did that repeatedly, hoping I would not get on top of a live wire, and we eventually got out turned in such a way that I could get past the poles and get onto the highway. It took a while.”

As soon as we got onto the clear road, I told Ari to call the police. Ari did call and shared with them that poles were coming down. They told her to tell her Mom to pull over immediately because they wanted the location where the electrical poles were coming down. Initially, Dawn said, “No, I am not pulling over. More poles may be coming down.” They responded, “You have to. We need to know where these multiple poles are coming down off the mountain. We are now putting you directly through to the fire department so they can help.”

Dawn did pull over and stop so that they could quickly find her location. The fire department immediately closed the road until the rain stopped, and they could take care of the poles that came down and the broken wires. Dawn and Ari did get the friend to the airport. They took the only other road home that could get them to their house. They later learned their area had over 13 inches of rain in 24 hour period of time.

Dawn kept saying to me over and over, “Mom, we should have been dead. Instead, we are alive.” I agreed! Either she had an Angel on her shoulder, or God’s Grace took care of them.

LESSON: We all have miracles and see how Spirit works and justify things away. For instance, one might have a close call while driving a car or an accident, but no one was hurt. Or it might be as simple as this: I had a headache every day, sometimes worse than others. Then one time in Palm Springs, I dreamed about little people drilling out my right ear. When I woke up, a terrible headache was gone. It stayed gone. I woke up the next day and the next, and the headache did not return. I justified the miracle I had just had and went on with my busy life.

GIFT: After that dream about the little people, I began paying attention to small and large miracles in my life, synchronicities, and minor things. I kept adding to my gratitude list!

I am more grateful for the lives of all of my family members as well! I almost lost my son years ago to an accident. I now almost lost my daughter. I now remember to be thankful, and when I pray, I also add gratitudes!

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  1. Peggy Patton says:

    Loved this story and yes, miracles are everywhere. We just need to keep our eyes open.

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