A Magical 80th Birthday

Some friends learned from my last blog that John and I would both still have covid on my birthday. Others learned via the Pauls Valley grapevine. Food and help to overcome the Covid-19 began to show up on our front porch. Every need was being met without us asking for help. Some telephone calls came every day, wanting to know if we needed anything. Invariably, we had already received what we needed, and I had to say no. Some really, really wanted to do something for us. Friends brought farm eggs, venison stew, homemade chicken noodle soups, homemade potato soup, and other delicious meals, plus necessary items like toilet paper, paper towels, and even the peanut butter I love from Sprouts came to our doorstep. My heart overflowed with love.

I had been receiving cards over the weekend for my birthday. My daughter had been listening to what people were bringing us in Pauls Valley and telephoned on Sunday, saying, “Mom, do not let anyone bring food on Tuesday, your birthday. I was not going to tell you, but I decided it was best that I do. You and John are going to receive your dinner from Legends. They are personally delivering it to you in Pauls Valley!” I was shocked. It takes about forty minutes to get from Legends to our house. She also mentioned we would have entertainment with dinner, but she would not tell me anything else. She did explain that this present was coming from three of our four children’s families.

John and I were still in quarantine when my big day arrived. I even felt punky during the week but woke up feeling better on Friday. (A gift from God.) Then a long-time Norman friend brought a full meal of turkey loaf, green beans, scalloped potatoes, rolls, and an amazing chocolate pie with real whip cream. She made everything from scratch. The timing was perfect since we were finally beginning to like food again.

Saturday morning, the sun woke me up early! It was the 23rd. I felt even better! I knew it must be all the good food we had received all week and the prayers for health and help for both of us. Before heading downstairs, I looked out our upstairs bedroom window, where I can easily see our whole front yard. I saw something in the yard. I went downstairs and to check it out. I then showed John. He slipped on some clothes to go outside to see. All we could see were cute cut-outs facing the street. Someone had decorated! He took a picture. There was a “Honk to wish A Happy Birthday.” Then there were many placards telling people someone was 80. There was even a banner hanging on the rails of the front porch. Funny! We never heard anyone outside.

We had been eating breakfast in the dining room, sitting at opposite ends of the table every day. When I walked into the room, I saw a card John personally made me for my 80th sitting at my plate. I love that card. Decorating the table was the first wonderful flowers from another Norman friend. Those flowers also came with red lipstick, a basket of goodies to help us heal, and fresh asparagus. While John and I visited at breakfast, the doorbell rang. There was another beautiful bouquet from my cousin in New Mexico. Before we finished, there were other deliveries from a variety of people. John said, “Is this your funeral or your birthday?” Ha! Neither of us could believe what was happening. Telephone calls came, and wonderful cards arrived in the mail. On one telephone call, I learned who, with one of her grandchildren, decorated our yard so great! I had fun calling her immediately!

About 12:30, our Bonham, Texas, family surprised us. They had sent flowers the day before to throw us off as they were planning to come in person, driving 2 1/2 hours to sing “Happy Birthday” from the front yard and to present me with 80 personally made cards.

Then about 4:00, the food from Legend’s was delivered. It was caesar salad, steak, crabcakes, chicken crepes, chocolate mousse cake, plus more. At about 4:30, my cell phone rang. There was a male voice on the other end of the phone. He said, “This is Dave. I am your entertainment and will be at your house in about 8 minutes. We were not quite sure what time he was coming until this call, but we did know he was planning to entertain for about thirty minutes. Friends who apparently planned to sing “Happy Birthday” showed up at the same time he arrived. We told him that they were his pre-show. Perfect timing! He sat up his sound system while they sang. A beautiful birthday cake made by a local baker and another amazing bouquet of flowers also arrived.

I only wish I had known how good he was, so I could have told you to come to hear him. He drove all the way from Dallas! His voice was excellent, and he sang old music from the ’30s, and 40’s that I requested, 50’s and 60’s, 70’s, some country. Sometimes he sounded like he was straight from New Orleans. Good jazz! He also played a beautiful flute and guitar. People driving by saw what was happening and pulled up in front of our house. They sat curbside, rolled down their windows, and enjoyed. Neighbors came out of their homes and listened. The entertainer’s name is “Dave Washburn.”

As it turned out, people far and wide and local were planning a great birthday with multiple surprises. No one knew what others were doing. I still shake my head and think about this “magical” birthday with awe. I could not have planned it better! Every family member and many friends were involved.

LESSON: Do not hesitate to give gifts to others! Expect nothing in return. Do not hesitate to invite people to join you for a meal at home or in a restaurant! I think this is the way Spirit works. When you need something and when you are excited about life, have no expectations. Watch what God sends your way. So much of this past birthday week was totally unexpected! And fun! I am blessed, and you are, too! We love our family, and we love our family and friends!

GIFTS: Love and more Love. Happiness Beyond Words. All I can say is “thankfulness for children, grandchildren, and so many friends for an unforgettable and magical 80th Birthday!

Another big gift that came with this Covid-19 is “double immunity.” After our second shot, we will have triple immunity! Yeah!

10 thoughts on “A Magical 80th Birthday”

  1. Linda A Terrell says:

    That was lovely! What a fabulous birthday! So much deserved. On my mom’s 80th we took her to Legends and had an Elvis impersonator come serenade her! She loves Elvis so it was a big hit, So happy for you to feel so special. XXOO

  2. Teresa Begley says:

    Your birthday was magical indeed. You received much the way you give. Magical Indeed. ❤️

    1. Jennifer Cook says:

      I fully agree. and I Love you both so very much. Precious ladies, precious friends.

  3. Jennifer Cook says:

    <3 Amazing, beautiful blessings for an amazing, beautiful Lady who blesses all our lives. Happy Belated Birthday Susanne! from Arielle Anabelle Leigh and I

  4. Kathy says:

    Nobody more deserving of such a ‘gathering’ of gifts. So glad it all came off perfectly!

  5. What a beautiful, magical, we’ll-deserves day! Thank you for sharing it, as well as the lesson.

  6. Vicki Rennie says:

    Oh wow! I had no idea how many people had been showering you with so many precious gifts, food, cards, flowers. You’re one special lady. ❤️

  7. Candace blalock says:

    A blessed birthday…. full of joy for so many who love you!

  8. Darls says:

    What a great birthday celebration for such a beautiful lady. Happy birthday.

  9. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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