A God Box/Letting Go Box

  1. Find a Box. It can be “any box.” I began with a small one and had to go to a larger one later.
  2. Decide if you need to talk to someone or call someone for the last time before putting your problem in the God Box. Once you place your request in the box, you stop talking about it. If someone knows you are having a problem and they question you, truthfully answer their question. Otherwise, say nothing about this problem.
  3. When you are ready to turn your problem over to God/Spirit/Angel, take a small piece of paper and write down the problem or situation you are worried about on your paper. For instance, “Dear ______, will you please solve my problem? I have tried, but you can do better.” Before ending your note, “thank them” for taking the problem.
  4. Find someplace where you can get on your knees or sit in a chair if you cannot get on your knees. Place the small piece of paper in your hand, raise your hand as high as you can. Say a prayer and ask them to take this situation. Visualize God or your Angel or your Divine Source taking it out of your hand.
  5. Place the request in your box and replace the box’s lid. Now “it is in the dark.”
  6. Once you have given it away, truly let go. There is no talking to others about the problem unless someone asks you about it.  Make no telephone calls about your issue. You can return a call or answer a question if someone asks you. Instead, you simply sit back and watch.

When you have a problem that is not being solved, no matter how hard you have tried, use this God Box/Letting Go Box. Many wanting to use a God Box think they must have “just the right box.” They put off letting go because they are looking for that perfect box. Just do this. Use any box temporarily. It is worth a try. I have used a God Box for different situations for over thirty years. Obviously it worked. Each time a problem was solved, I continued and still continue to be amazed.

I stopped trying to control what others are doing. I no longer get upset with them for their decisions. It seems that once I finally step aside and quit attempting to interfere or control a situation, God, my Angels, or whomever above that is helping me is able to take my problem and transform it when I finally get out of the way. It might look a little worse before it gets better. I just relax and trust. This God Box gives me the assuredness that I can let go completely and wait to see what happens. Sometimes I might get frustrated waiting, but I look at my box and say “I know you are working on my situation, right? Thank you.” I then smile and again “trust” they are working on it.

The energy surrounding the problem begins to change, sometimes rapidly and, at other times, more slowly. I simply continue in my life, ¬†as I remind myself to “stay balanced and kind.” A small sign that my problem is being taken care of comes to me. Next, I see or hear another sign, and the change or answer comes. I understand more about Jesus saying to go into the dark to pray. I put the problem in the dark as I put the lid on the box, and answers do come.

I watched an IRS problem go from $40,000 to $250. I could have stewed and stressed over that for a year, but did not. I put it in my God Box and allowed it to play out. The only telephone call I made before I gave the problem to God was to my accountant before using the box. When he returned my call and asked about my problem, I simply shared everything I learned from a surprise telephone call from the Treasury Department with him. Our accountant was amazed as he watched how the IRS worked on my problem with him. Many strange things happened. He telephoned me each time to share the story and was so excited to later share the result with me.

My God Box helped me through my divorce, helped me find fourteen witnesses to speak for me in court, helped me with problems my children told me about, problems I have had with friends, and my list goes on. One more time, I will share, “It works for me, and it will work for you.” You will be able to watch as God’s grace covers each situation, and Angels/Spirit works on the problem rather than you. What they do will be much appreciated by you.

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